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Sisters' Wing

About Sisters' Wing

Sister’ Wing is the female folk of the members of the CCRN which is guided strictly by the guidelines or constitution of the CCRN. It’s meant to be under the main prayer group of it’s parish and be linked with the diocesan, Provincial and National body as a whole. Membership is open to all the female folk of the Renewal, irrespective of their age, social status, and disposition. This implies that it includes the singles, married, and even the widows.


With the increase in membership of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Nigeria, there was an inspiration concerning the necessity of training the sisters’ in order to render a notable contribution within the body. This led to the coming together of some sisters in order to discuss warmly on issues that concerns them most. From here emerges the Sisters’ Wing, which is now seen a necessity considering the special role of woman within the family, the christian community and the nation as a whole. Sisters’ wing was initiated then to enhance the spread of the gospel and to serve as behaviour modifier as issues concerning divorce, extra-marital affairs and indecency among the female folk are being discussed at their meetings.


  1. To carry the youth along by catching them young.
  2. To teach and learn to be mothers of homes by carrying our husbands along in the home management.
  3. To discourage indecent dressing and behaviour and encourage modesty in dressing and in behaviour.
  4. To groom women who can manage their situation no matter how awkward they may seem and through their struggle and prayer eradicate poverty in their homes.
  5. To use the sisters’ wing as a tool to produce better potential wives, better mothers, and better wives so as to be able to build and groom better homes.


The first step is to receive permission from the service team of any level at which the group is operating, and then the following modalities could be followed:

  1. Gather the sisters irrespective of their age, tribe or tongue, social or marital status.
  2. Elect the officials of that particular group (this is to be done by the service team using the CCRN guideliness.
  3. Every member is to be carried along during discussions and decision making.
  4. Absent members are to be sought after as a sign of concern ad care.
  5. Cases of sick members or bereaved sisters are to be treated with great empathy.
  6. Meetings could be held forth nightly- every two weeks. The first meeting is fasting and prayer for our families, friends, community, nations and the world at large. Different prayer points are to be brought by members and must be handled. The second meeting is purely administrative, where monthly dues, levies, invitations and other matters are being discussed.
  7. Sisters will function according to the ministries they belong in the main prayer group.
  8. Sisters weekend at the diocesan level is to be organized once a year and should involve activities that will boast skill acquisition and empowerment.
  9. Retreats, workshops and seminars are organized from time to time to address some challenges of life and strenghten the spiritiaul lives of the members. Sharing of testimonies and experiences will help others in growing in faith.

(Extracts from “How to Organize Sisters’ Wing Meeting”, by Sis. Felicia Mordi, Protem Co-ordinator, National Sisters’ Wing)