Youths, based on the stage they are in life, are faced with great challenges, problems, and uncertainties, and these experiences of theirs could be a threat to the faith in Christ if there is no forum by which they could learn from their fellows. Furthermore, youths, as the future leaders in every facet of human society, are a remarkable force to reckon with, and special attention must be paid to their human and spiritual formation. Thus, the youth ministry was inaugurated so as to play this vital role of grooming brave and determined leaders who will promote and spread the culture of Pentecost and the ‘Civilization of Love’. 

Under this platform, young members of the Renewal come together for joint activities in order to share their personal life experiences in the Christian walk. Over the years, this wing has:

  1. Developed them for evangelism and for active participation within the renewal
  2. Harnessed their abilities and skills towards the advancement of the mission of the CCRN, which is evangelization through baptism in the Holy Spirit and the experience of Pentecost. 
  3. Organized conferences that help CCRN Youths develop their dreams, physical vigour, joy, generosity, sensitivity, solidarity, boldness, courage, openness to fraternity and openness of heart, friendship, spirit of adventure, love of taking risks, idealism, interest and open-mindedness to new ideas.
  4. Provided resources that empower CCRN Youths in their understanding of the Gospel, the Catholic faith, and in the proper integration of Charismatic spirituality in order to deepen their relationship with Jesus.
  5. Created a space for them to offer many suggestions for improvement and make valuable contributions toward the growth of the Renewal in Nigeria.
  6. Increased their interest in personal prayer, reading of the Word of God, participation in the Sacraments, studying of the Catholic Christian Doctrine, use of charism and spiritual gifts, praying within the family, in addition to other devotional practices.

The vital components of this Wing include: prayer meetings, retreats (which enables them to be able to spend time in quiet with God, listening for God’s presence), faith sharing (which provide a medium by which they could speak about their personal experiences and not only listen, but experience being prayed over, either individually or in small groups).

The National Youths’ Wing (NYW) is a large family of Charismatic Youths across the country. Under the guidance of National Executive Council of the CCRN, NYW organizes several programs to train and empower youths within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria. Such programs include National Youths Conference, Public Outreach, Catechesis, etc.

As a body, NYW governs all other units of Youth and Children evangelism of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria. Such units includes:

PYW - Provincial Youths’ Wing
DYW - Diocesan (or Archdiocesan) Youths’ Wing
PGTM - Prayer Group Youths’ Wing

History of CCRN

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Nigeria owes its origin to the Dominican Order. In 1967 the novitiate at Ibadan was opened. By 1969, there were four American Dominicans in the house: Frs. Ed. Riley, Mathias Walsh, Bertrand Ebben and Br. Gilbert Thesing. Another American Dominican, Richard Farmer, was assigned as chaplain to the University of Ife, Ile-Ife...