Board of Director

                   Dr. Collins Ugwu,, CCRN National Chairman

Prof Isaac Ukpokolo , LTI Director

                   Dr Francis Edo-Olotu, AFSCI Vice-Chairman

                   Rev Fr Alphonsus Ozoemene, OP, CCRN National Chaplain

          Provincial Representatives

          Instructors and Consultants

                   Prof. Fabian Ehikhameenor

                   Rev Fr Jude Mbukamma O.P, Expert in Charismatic Spirituality

                   Rev Fr Emordi Akosa OFM Cap, Expert in Prayer and Piety

                   Rev Fr  Dr Omojola Sola M, Expert in Scripture

                   Rev Frr Prof Jude Asanbe, Expert in Canon Law

                   Rev. Fr Dr Fidelis Egbunu, Expert in Ministry and Pastoral

                   Rev Fr Luke Ohiemi

                   Rev Fr Emmanuel Alao


          Secretariat and Media

                   Mr. Francis Ajila, LTI Secretary

                   Mr Farinola Augusttine, Multimedia Coordinator


          PAST EVENTTS

                   ICCRS LTI Trainings Abuja 2010

                   CCRN LTI Basic Trainings:    

Onitsha Province (2014)

 Lagos Province, Benin Province, Kaduna Province (2015)

                             Owerri Province, Ibadan Province (2016)

                             Calabar Province 2017)


                   CCRN LTI Intermediate Trainings


          Baptism of the Holy Spirit

          Bible Survey

          CCRN History, Strength and Challenges

          Ecclesial Understanding of the Holly Spirit

          Jesus and the Holly Spirit in the Life of Mary

          Baptism in the Holy Spirit

          The Pascal Mystery

          Leadership Life and Style

          The Holly Spirit in the Sacraments

          Doctrines and Documents of the Church

          Patristic Reflection

          The Bible: History, Structure, & Overview

          Prayer and Meditation

          Canon Law: The Spirit and Letter of the Law

          The Foundations and Vision of CCR


          An Understanding of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

          Discerning Spiritual Phenomena

          The History and Workings of the CCR

          A Theology of Mission

          Practical Help and Idea of Ministry

          Elements of a Prayer Meeting

          Basic Techniques of Evangelization

          The Life of a Leader

          Marriage and Family in God’s Plan

          History of the Church I, I, III

          Understanding the Vision and Mission of CCR

History of CCRN

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Nigeria owes its origin to the Dominican Order. In 1967 the novitiate at Ibadan was opened. By 1969, there were four American Dominicans in the house: Frs. Ed. Riley, Mathias Walsh, Bertrand Ebben and Br. Gilbert Thesing. Another American Dominican, Richard Farmer, was assigned as chaplain to the University of Ife, Ile-Ife...